Americano Mondays at Lola Coffee

I present our latest edition of Americano Mondays from Lola Coffee in downtown Phoenix. They are located in the historic Gold Spot building which also houses The Pita Jungle. (one of my favorite restaurants that also catered our wedding) Their building also happens to sit next to the lofts we used to live in, which was rather nice.

What began as a coffee cart in 1993 has grown into a beautifully designed coffee shop owned by Daniel Wayne.  He is well known for roasting organic, fair trade beans on site. And if you happen to visit during a roast the whole building (and surrounding area) smells amazing.
A cool, final note: In 2003 he won the Millrock Latte Art Competition in Las Vegas.
Here’s some imagery from an afternoon I recently spent there.


An underground edition of Americano Monday’s

The entrance to Undertown Coffee and Wine Bar in Port Townsend, WA.

My wife and I just returned from a week long vacation in the Pacific Northwest. A beautiful part of the country. We visited friends in Portland, OR and family in Port Townsend, WA.

Since both of these cities are known for their coffee shops, I came prepared in case I would have the opportunity to photograph at one of them. And I’m glad I did…

Leigh Anna’s aunt and uncle recommended that we check out this underground coffee shop in Port Townsend, WA. As soon as they said “underground coffee shop” I was sold.

Once you walk down the stairs – in the opening image – are you lead to an underground tunnel with a long passage way leading to the door.

You also have the option of entering from the other side of the building, at ground level. My preference was the tunnel – just for the experience.

David, the owner of Undertown was kind enough to allow me to photograph there.

Molly, making the pastries from scratch. She even picked the herbs from right outside the building. Pretty cool…

Some of her finished work…

Shannon, the barista filling one of bean hoppers.

So that she can rock out some tasty espresso…

And showcase her latte’ art skills.

I dig the way they had the joint laid out. There are multiple rooms with numerous styles of chairs, couches and tables where you can get lost in whatever you working on…

My wife’s youngest sister, Nora.

If you ever find yourself in Port Townsend, WA I highly recommend you check out Undertown. It’s a chill joint.





Americano Monday’s at Lux Coffee

For our second installment of Americano Mondays I visited LUX Coffee Bar Phoenix, AZ.

The crowd at LUX has always been a rather eclectic crowd. It opened in 2002 and immediately became THE downtown hub. I would go there early mornings and see other freelance photographers, writers, musicians and gallery owners. Even the Mayor would come in on occassion.

– I dig these old typewriters they have throughout the joint –

A lot has changed over the years and other coffee shops have opened up in the downtown scene (see our post on Jobot for that) but LUX has remained a chill place to visit. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re located directly beside to Pane Bianco.

`Jeff Fischer, owner of LUX

In 2005 it changed hands to new owners and about 2 years ago they moved one space over to a larger building, instantly tripling  their size. And I must say, they’re new set up is simply beautiful on many levels…

They’ve expanded beyond a typical coffee shop and now offer a full menu as well as a bar at night. It’s a crazy mix that seems to work. And I dig that.

You can go there in the morning to get your coffee and work or…

Go there at night, grab a drink and chill with friends.

Or as Jeff, the owner calls it, “Design in the 3rd Place” It’s that space that falls within your home and office life and fills that void where you can be productive…but take a break and chill with other people…have a great conversation…meet new people and then go back to you table and do your thing.
And I can tell you first hand, I have experienced that on numerous occasions.

Sammie, artist, barista and latte’ art extraordinaire.

See what I’m talking about…

Arya, a fellow photographer and barista

I highly recommend checking this joint out. You can find more info about their location, menus and when they’re open HERE.

Americano Mondays at LUX. Coming soon…

My apologies, but this weeks edition of “Americano Mondays” will run mid week. I’m in Houston, TX for a shoot until Wednesday and wasn’t able to finish before I left. Until then, here’s an image of Sammie rocking his amazing latte’ art skills from my session at LUX. Coming soon…

Americano Mondays at Jobot


I present my first ‘official’ installment of Americano Mondays at Jobot Coffee.

I ended up going back to Phoenix for a few days last week. So I reached out to some local coffee shops and was lucky enough to shoot at two locations. Not bad seeing as they were last minute requests during a holiday week. (4th of July)

Before our move to California, my wife and I lived in downtown Phoenix. And I must admit, at times I do miss our old neighborhood. (not enough to ever move back) There were multiple restaurants, bars, art galleries and coffee shops all within walking distance. As well as First and Third Fridays, the monthly art walks that were literally downstairs from our loft.

Which brings us to Jobot. A coffee shop that resides in an old duplex originally built in the 1930’s. They opened in October of 2010 and are located on 5th St and Roosevelt. A crazy cool street where all of the homes have been converted into coffee shops, bars, art galleries, book stores and a gift shop. If your ever in downtown Phoenix, make sure to visit Roosevelt Row and support the local shops.

Joey G, one of the owners of Jobot. I’m not sure where they’re getting their espresso beans from but I was more than impressed with how smooth the Americano’ was that he made for me.

I fell in love with this old automated piano. It has so much character. Unfortunately, the scroll/automated part of it doesn’t work anymore.
Bella the dog, kickin’ back at the shop with it’s owner.
I wasn’t able to try one, but I hear that they make good crepes. Parris (with 2 r’s) was kind enough to allow me to photograph her making one.
You are loved


Jobot opened after our move to Los Angles so last week was the first time there. From my brief visit I can say that this shop is an independent as it gets. Let’s just say that I bet that it wouldn’t go over well if someone came in and asked for a “Venti Iced…triple shot…caramel…blah blah” (while texting at the same time).
And I dig that about this joint.Check out their website HERE to get more info on their location/direction/etc.


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Americano Monday’s – The beginning of something new

As anyone who follows my online shenanigans knows…I do love me a good espresso. If I’m not in the studio or at home with my wife, you’ll likely find me at a coffee shop.

So I have decided to begin a new section on the blog titled, “Americano Mondays“. I hope to feature imagery from different coffee shops that I dig. Some weeks it will be as simple as a handful of iPhone images, other weeks a full on shoot with the collaboration of the coffee shop.

Until then, here is the first installment of “Americano Mondays” courtesy of…my studio. Yes, I have my own mini espresso bar at the studio. I have to! I love having it there to help keep me rocking through those early mornings…mid afternoons and late night sessions. Basically…I’m addicted.

A bit of backstory: As with many other freelanceres, I had part time jobs in the early parts of my career. One of those jobs was as a barista at The Gold Bar Espresso, an independently owned coffee shop in Tempe, Arizona. I was a ‘regular’ before working there and have some great memories from that place. (Including bringing a small light table to edit film long before I shot digital or owned a laptop.) The beauty of having been a barista is that I have since brought those skills into my studio where I can offer any espresso based drink to my clients. I enjoy making it as much as I do drinking it.

Gear: I’ve been using a Breville espresso machine for years. It’s one of their older models but it still pours great shots with beautiful crema’. For my 34th birthday my wife bought me the Breville Smart Grinder. Having a professional grinder is an essential part of the process. If you can lessen the time between the grind to the pour, the more flavor you will be able to get from the bean. And the better your drink will taste.

So cheers to the new – hopefully weekly – segment of Americano Mondays.